Poetry & Short Stories

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Natural Light @ Gnarled Oak

Paper Cheerleaders @ Wanton F*ckery. Reprinted @ Degenerates: Voices for Peace.

The Blue Whale @ Dear Damsels

Growing UpLeveler

American Rattlesnake @ Social Justice Poetry. First printed @ I am Not a Silent Poet.

white liePoets Reading the News

The Man with the Broken HeartSpeculative 66 [archive link]

Diary @ Wanton F*ckery

Siren @ Awakened Voices

A Future So BrightStory Seed Vault

Just for You @ Nanoism. Reprinted @ Seven by Twenty (featured author)

Help & We Need to Talk @ tweetpulp. Reprinted @ Seven by Twenty (featured author)

Final Appointment & Worship @ tweetpulp

RevisionSpontaneous Combustion & The Break-Up @ Twitter Literature

At the Carnival @ 121 Words 

Available for sale online

The Return @ Snapdragon (issue 3.3)

Not currently available

The Jinni’s Wish @ Star*Line (print only)

The Mermaid @ Smeuse Poetry (print only)

Lead @ Train (featured poem)


The Queen and Her Consort & After-School Special @ Seven by Twenty (featured author)

The End @ Hollow Tongue

Dear, Delicious Reader @ Wax Seal (featured poem)

The Sound of Metal @ Degenerates: Voices for Peace

To the Bride @ Barking Sycamores

Space Invaders & The Sharpest Knife @ Story Seed Vault

Vine @ Stoneboat

Breadcrumb #277 @ Breadcrumbs

To My Friend With Diabetes, On Losing Her Foot @ Hektoen International