New poem: Growing Up

This week, I have a gritty, dark poem featured at Leveler.

Growing Up

What a disappointment
to realize the utter measure of men.

On the clocks of universes,
you towered for seconds.

Look down.
See your cartilage erode,

feel your discs flatten,
know your shrinking bones…

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Thank you to the editors of Leveler for publishing “Growing Up” side-by-side with their thoughtful take on the poem.

New poem: The Blue Whale (on perfectionism)

Happy morning! I’ve a new poem, The Blue Whale, about perfectionism. (A howler monkey also makes an appearance.)

The Blue Whale

my creative spirit
is a blue whale, I think

she swims in deep waters
but we breathe the same air

and, like other blue whales,
she has the loudest, strongest voice on earth…

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Thank you to Dear Damsels, a young women’s writing collective, for publishing the poem in a special issue on “nourishing ourselves.”

Thank you, WordPress friends and wanderers, for reading. 🙂

New poem: white lie (on racism & US politics)

At Poets Reading the News, I’ve published a poem about racism & US politics. Here’s an excerpt…

white lie

wave it like a white flag, surrendering

with handshakes and smiles
so civil

project upon it red and blue patriotism

stars like ordnance exploding
stripes like prison bars

(truth, held captive)

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Story Seed Vault

Now, everyone wore shades that filtered out blue; the world looked rosy. One day, she tore off her shades, saw the world as it was—and wept.

Anna Kander weaves together three scientific concepts in this piece to create a piece of horror that may become all too real. As the earth’s ozone layer thins, it lets in more UVB light, just past blue and violet on the color spectrum. Blue and UV light can harm human eyesight. The obvious solution? Visible blue light can be filtered with sunglasses that are reddish-yellow. Will we search for more cosmetic answers to climate change instead of trying to reverse it? // Alex Massey

//Anna Kander is a social worker in the Midwestern US. Her work is slated to appear in Breadcrumbs, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, and beyond. Find her at

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Author Interview – Anna Kander

Thank you again, Morgan! –AK

Morgan AB Saddleson

Author Interview Anna Kander

Thanks to Twitter, I have been able to meet a few great writers. Here is an interview I had with Anna Kander as part of an interview-swap!


author-photo-20171 The lovely Anna Kander. Photo from her blog found in bio.

Anna Kander writes fiction, dark fantasy, and poetry featuring strong women. She’s also a licensed counselor in the Midwest. Her work is published or forthcoming in Star*Line, Leveler, Train, and other magazines. Kander writers with her sidekick, a fearless blue fish who doesn’t realize he’s only one inch tall. She also loves chai tea, kindness, and snarky advice. Read her blog HERE!

1.) If you could read from only one author for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

Bill Watterson. He wrote and drew Calvin and Hobbes.

2.) Coffee, tea, or 5-hour energy drinks?

Without coffee, I might die.

3.) Any “weird” writer’s habits you’ve developed?

On my desk I…

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New poem: The Return (about coming home for the holidays)

Thank you to Snapdragon for publishing “The Return,” a prose poem about returning home for a holiday! The journal issue, Remember, is available as an e-book of poetry, creative nonfiction, and photography for $5.

An excerpt from “The Return”

Festivity seeps from the fading house. Bright streamers cross peeling paint, strung by a Southern mother forever celebrating occasions that bring childless children home.

Hammered tin rabbits spring from yard stakes bearing baskets of eggs. Their cute kitsch leers at me. Pastels are not my colors. Soft prey animals are not my mascots.

No worry, I have armor like scales…

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