Are we future critique partners?

My availability to beta read: I will try to work in anyone wanting to swap poetry; otherwise, I’m currently full. However, if we know each other from Twitter or Absolute Write, message me anyway, and let’s try to figure things out.

Reading preferences: free verse, prose poetry, or short stories (about 2,000-7,000 words) that are contemporary fiction (adult or YA), women’s fiction, romance, or fantasy (including dark fantasy and non-graphic horror).

I don’t read first drafts, hard SF, or graphic horror. If you’re thinking, “I’m not sure if she’ll consider it graphic horror…” I’m probably not your target audience.

What I write: adult contemporary fiction, dark fantasy, women’s fiction, prose poetry, and free verse.

If I’m sending you poetry, I’ll usually offer to read about twice as many words of prose. For example, if I’m sending you a chapbook manuscript that’s about 5K words, I’m able to read stories or chapters that total about 7K-10K words. This has worked well for me and past critique partners; if you have other ideas for swaps, please suggest them!

Beta style: I’ll mark my reactions as I read. I’ll prioritize developmental feedback and look for positives, but I’ll also tell you what doesn’t work for me. If there are aspects of the piece you’d most like feedback about, please let me know. If there are aspects of the piece you don’t want feedback about, let me know that, too—but if those aspects loom as problems, I may tell you anyway.

I’ll be most help with work that’s already reasonably copy-edited. I’ll assess your prose as well as your story. I won’t rewrite your prose—though, if I give a suggestion, I may offer an example. You can see samples of my critiques in the Share Your Work and Poetry Critique forums at Absolute Write.

If you send me a .doc or .docx file, I’ll use Microsoft Word to track changes. If you send me an .rtf or other type of text file, I’ll mark comments in [brackets] in-line with the text.

Experience: My poetry and fiction are traditionally published or forthcoming in journals and magazines. Previously I worked as an editor for academic journals. Most important—I read a lot.

Timeline: I should be able to return a short story within a week.

Contact: message me with a word count and a few words describing your story.